English guides

  • To promote the use of English in our school through teamwork and careful organization and to challenge their own ability and skills.


  • To conduct the assembly in English on English day, every Tuesday; rostered to be anchor persons, to say the prayer, present the weather and proverb and make general announcements.
  • To mingle and interact with schoolmates in English.
  • To help at the various school English activities.

Lunchtime activities 




Inter-class English Drama Competition (Secondary Section)

Our inter-class drama competition is held every year. All classes from S2 to S5 produce a play at the audition. Eight classes make it to the Finals. Five prizes including the Best Play, the Best Original Script, the Best Stage Management, The Best Actor and the Best Actress are presented to both junior forms and senior forms.  


"I Speak English" challenge

"I Speak English" challenge offers students opportunities to speak English to teachers at lunchtime and after school anywhere on any day of the week and also to the English Guides at recess time. Students have to plan to speak for about two to three minutes. This would allow them to meet more people each day.

At each chat session, students would receive ONE signature from the teacher or Guide they choose to speak to. So it is wiser to end the chat in 2 minutes and look for another teacher/Guide.

Prizes have been given to the top 3 students as well as top classes who have acquired on average 10 signatures per student.



Level activities

'Scrabble Scramble' 

Scrabble Scramble was a game introduced by the English Guides. They started by holding a challenge against Ms Gill in two locations and invited students to play during recess or after school. It went slowly but students gathered around the board and made their words. The winners got prizes.In November and May, Scrabble Scrambles were held for the Form Four classes and the Form Five classes after school on Fridays. It was a success as students started the game on time and kept to the two-minute limit to form their words. The Guides were on hand to check if words were acceptable and that scores were being kept accurately. We were told that some students even ‘practised’ playing Scrabble in the ELC after school in the days leading up to the competition. How impressive!


As there was such eagerness displayed by the students, this Scrabble Scramble will continue and may involve more classes. Stay tuned for the announcements!


Spelling Bee


Spelling Bee was a spelling competition for S1 to S3 students. 3 teams of 3 students from each class participated after school on three Wednesdays. The judges started the game by saying a word to the candidate. Then, the candidate had to repeat the words, spell it and say the word again. The candidate could ask for the meaning of the word.

Congratulations on the outstanding performance of our participants! Well done!